Catalyst of Sustainable Futures

People drive cities. Strategic design and planning of land use, connectivity, and space is a people-first art. 

Catalyscity helps cities, developers, NGOs, communities, and nations design and implement frameworks that enable communities to achieve their own future visions. 

We do so by making great land use decisions together early, to capture the greatest and most unique value of land and people.

Understanding global trends, market aspirations, and human behaviors, and setting a foundation for smart and sustainable land use, are the keys to a competitive and healthy future.

Holistic Thinking, Artful Delivery, Deep Experience

Sylvester Wong AICP LEED AP is Founding Principal, based in Hong Kong with market reach across the Asia Pacific, South India, Middle East and the Americas. 

Mr. Wong is a former director and officer of urban design and planning at Gensler, Woods Bagot, HOK and SOM. He received his Master of City Planning and Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from UC Berkeley.

Mr. Wong is a seasoned veteran of the unique challenges of urban development across the fast growing cities and hinterlands of Asian megalopolises. 

Mr. Wong relocated from Berkeley, California, to Hong Kong in 2001 with a veteran team of designers and planners, who now form an accessible constellation of talent and resources in various firms and agencies around the world.

Boutique International and National Team Curator

Every community and challenge is unique. So every team should be unique as well. 

Catalyscity is a next generation consultancy, drawing on the power of local and global networks to bring the best minds and talent together for each project.  Catalyscity is also flexible enough to embed within teams for seamless delivery.

This multidisciplinary approach cuts out overhead, and nimbly draws on vast past experience working with architects, engineers, biologists, economists, market specialists, operators, investors, local governments, stakeholders and end users to achieve intelligent, strategic, objective and sustainable visions for our clients and their communities.


Why Catalyscity?

Catalyscity is a term measuring the ability of an element to catalyze reactions to create new things. 

It is also a perfect way to think about the elements of our cities – people, places, movement, aspirations, markets, and memory – and how their interaction catalyzes our economic, cultural and physical betterment.

Catalyscity aims to be your independent advisor, or design confidant, or property consultant, or opportunity finder, or team leader, or convener of the world’s leading experts in design, engineering, construction, and economic analysis.

Catalyscity leverages experience across jurisdictions and markets, across international boundaries and cultures, across the world’s leading design consultancies.

Catalyscity distills it all into inspiring visions, strategic collaboration, scenario building/testing, visualization, and stewardship of sustainability and resilience - environmental, economic and sociocultural.

Let us be your Catalyscity.

Strategic partnerships

We are proud to collaborate regularly with strategic partners who are leaders in design, engineering and consulting services, in Asia and throughout the world.

URBNarc | Singapore-based Architecture, Interiors and Planning group. Award winners of Asia Pacific Property Award 2014 for their soon to be completed Alila hotel in Seminyak, Bali.