Bandar Seri Begawan Development Master Plan

100 sqkm | Brunei Darussalam | Ministry of Home Affairs

A vision to celebrate the rivers at the heart of the capital city, creating a transit corridor to attract investors and immigrants. This supports the national development objective to shift from resource dependency to a service and tourism based economy that celebrates is natural and cultural heritage.

  • Phased redevelopment that creates development parcels for world class offices, hotels, retail, educational and administrative uses;
  • Circulation and light rail framework to address congestion and create value in old districts;
  • A return to the riverfront of the city, with lifestyle amenities to help the city attract and retain talent, bolstering its knowledge economy;
  • Guidelines and governance policies designed to build capacity of the local government to administer and champion the community-driven ideas; and
  • A public participation process that hosted stakeholders from across the community, making tangible these planning concepts, through a public information exhibition centre and social media.

Executed while at HOK. With JLL, MVA, Meinhardt, Biomimicry Institute, OWMP.

Leadership of Catalyscity executed while at HOK: benchmarking, public participation, macroeconomic strategy, concept master planning, detailed planning of catalyst areas (from Kampong Ayer, Downtown, to Gadong/Kiulap, to the government area, and the airport vicinity), design guidelines, transport and infrastructure, planning institution capacity-building, and implementation package planning. We shepherded the broader team under the overall umbrella of HOK, which included the Biomimicry Institute, Meinhardt engineers, JLL, MVA/Systra for traffic, and guided by our local architects OWMP.