Bay La Sun, King Abdullah Economic City

240 ha | KAEC, Jeaddah, Saudi Arabia | Emaar Properties, Master Developer

An experiment in urban living for a predominantly suburban culture, this waterfront village on the Red Sea is the inaugural settlement of the 2 million person King Abdullah Economic City. KAEC is part of the nation’s macroeconomic strategic positioning to diversify its economy through service and knowledge sectors. Hence the attraction and retention of domestic and international talent is crucial. Attractive urban living is a key component of this.

In the plan, contiguous retail routes, lively waterfronts, and intuitive orientations help young settlers adjust to the serendipity of public space without losing cherished privacy and discretion.

The year-long effort included revision of a master plan, definition of statutory plots, design guidelines and landscape design, waterway and marina strategies and design, bridge design, infrastructure engineering, and preparation of individual design/planning briefs for each plot.

Executed while at HOK, with Turner, DAR, Emaar Properties.