Shizimen Central Business District

Concept and Detailed Masterplan + Urban Design Guidelines

Built on a long relationship of master planning consultancy with Huafa in Zhuhai, China, this urban design guideline study established tools for implementing the original master plan for the Central Business District and signature island of the new Hengqin free trade zone across from Macau.

Collaborators: Aedas

Follows on from previous master planning with HOK and Woods Bagot


Langfang Smart EcoCity

800sqkm | Langfang, Hebei Province, China

The eco smart city approach focuses on existing cities, not greenfield sites. Langfang’s real environmental catastrophe is the sinking of land, and the masterplan moves to stop the sinking by threading blueway water recharge strips into the heart of the city. Combined with transit-oriented development, greenbelts, agricultural heritage, wetland parks, and smart infrastructure, the plan provides the City of Langfang tools to attract the next generation of green industries.

Executed while at HOK and Woods Bagot. With CW Group, Sherwood Design Engineers, Biomimcry Institute, Parsons Brinkerhoff


Bay La Sun, King Abdullah Economic City

240 ha | KAEC, Jeaddah, Saudi Arabia | Emaar Properties, Master Developer

An experiment in urban living for a predominantly suburban culture, this waterfront village on the Red Sea is the inaugural settlement of the 2 million person King Abdullah Economic City. KAEC is part of the nation’s macroeconomic strategic positioning to diversify its economy through service and knowledge sectors. Hence the attraction and retention of domestic and international talent is crucial. Attractive urban living is a key component of this.

In the plan, contiguous retail routes, lively waterfronts, and intuitive orientations help young settlers adjust to the serendipity of public space without losing cherished privacy and discretion.

The year-long effort included revision of a master plan, definition of statutory plots, design guidelines and landscape design, waterway and marina strategies and design, bridge design, infrastructure engineering, and preparation of individual design/planning briefs for each plot.

Executed while at HOK, with Turner, DAR, Emaar Properties.


Vrindavan TechVillage

100 acres | Bangalore | Assetz, Master DEveloper

Special Economic Zone rules shaped the initial response to this combination of build-to-suit and speculative business park parcels. But the real magic lies in a unified central addressing network, anchored by a retail and hotel village on the Outer Ring Road which elevated Vrindavan’s relevance as a service destination for the multiple shifts of knowledge workers throughout the region.

  • High value addressing strategy and distributive circulation network
  • Strategic phasing for completeness and brand integrity over multiple capital events
  • Design guidelines that are sustainable and tenant driven
  • Industry best practices in construction and leasing informed master plan strategy and parcelization from the beginning
  • Amenities and mixed use geared toward a wider service catchment to create additional reputation and income stream

Executed while at HOK.

For Assetz Properties, recently acquired by Embassy and Blackstone


Beijing Finance Street

45 ha, 860k sm GFA | Beijing China | BFS Holdings, Master Developer


The masterplan avoids typical Beijing super-block patterns, pulling a landmark open space through the whole project area and lining streets with enclosure and activity. 18 buildings and a 10,000 space underground carpark later, it is an anchor for West Beijing.

  • Concept Masterplan
  • Detailed Masterplan
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Masterplan Architect

Executed while at SOM. Architecture by SOM San Francisco. Landscape by SWA


 Manila Bay Marina

37 ha, 1.5m sm GFA | Manila, Philippines | Alphaland, Master Developer

A 100 berth marina and destination club anchor a new centre of life on the city’s neglected Manila Bay waterfront. A rich mix of office, residences, hotels, and retail, the masterplan pulls the address of the waterfront deep into the site to reclaim the panache of a proudly maritime society.

Executed while at HOK, with Environs


Dubai Studio City

6ha | Dubai, UAE

This entertainment complex anchors a fast growing part of Dubai, offering a centre of film and media in the ever diversifying context of the city.

  • 1,800 seat Premiere Theatre for gala and award events
  • 10,000 seat arena
  • 600 seat black box space
  • 7-auditorium cinema
  • multiple outdoor amphitheatres
  • the Indie film village/studios to support emerging filmmakers
  • retail entertainment centre
  • 3 hotels and convention space
  • a media centre
  • central lake focal point and cooling system
  • site-wide event anchoring multimedia tower

The facility is designed to host the Dubai International Film Festival, accommodating media, artists, and international visitors to celebrate the industry.

Executed while at HOK


Bandar Seri Begawan Development Master Plan

100 sqkm | Brunei Darussalam | Ministry of Home Affairs

A vision to celebrate the rivers at the heart of the capital city, creating a transit corridor to attract investors and immigrants. This supports the national development objective to shift from resource dependency to a service and tourism based economy that celebrates is natural and cultural heritage.

  • Phased redevelopment that creates development parcels for world class offices, hotels, retail, educational and administrative uses;
  • Circulation and light rail framework to address congestion and create value in old districts;
  • A return to the riverfront of the city, with lifestyle amenities to help the city attract and retain talent, bolstering its knowledge economy;
  • Guidelines and governance policies designed to build capacity of the local government to administer and champion the community-driven ideas; and
  • A public participation process that hosted stakeholders from across the community, making tangible these planning concepts, through a public information exhibition centre and social media.

Executed while at HOK. With JLL, MVA, Meinhardt, Biomimicry Institute, OWMP.

Leadership of Catalyscity executed while at HOK: benchmarking, public participation, macroeconomic strategy, concept master planning, detailed planning of catalyst areas (from Kampong Ayer, Downtown, to Gadong/Kiulap, to the government area, and the airport vicinity), design guidelines, transport and infrastructure, planning institution capacity-building, and implementation package planning. We shepherded the broader team under the overall umbrella of HOK, which included the Biomimicry Institute, Meinhardt engineers, JLL, MVA/Systra for traffic, and guided by our local architects OWMP.