Deep Services

  • Strategic land advisory to align business with land
  • Visioning workshops and visual facilitation
  • Site selection studies, analysis, and development advisory
  • Site and climate analysis for Sustainability and Resilience
  • Aerial UAV reconnaissance, photography and site survey
  • Journalistic site photography and conditions analysis
  • Connectivity, transport and infrastructure strategy
  • Site and vertical use planning and urban design, three dimensional scenario massing
  • Land use and density planning and controls
  • Landscape concept, schematic, and detailed design
  • Design guidelines and review
  • Place branding advisory / design
  • Master plan packaging and media design


  • Concept and Detailed Master Planning (from 2 to 2 million ha)
  • Citywide and Regional Competitiveness
  • Urban Design and Guidelines
  • Resilience, Park, and Tourism Planning
  • Connectivity, Transport and Infrastructure Strategy
  • Plan Implementation Strategy
  • Stakeholder Processes and Capacity-Building
  • Multidisciplinary team leadership


  • Headquartered in Hong Kong
  • Strategic partner and office in Singapore (URBNarc)